Amazon’s IMDB Freedive apk for Android, new Free Movie Streaming.

So here we are with the new Amazon’s IMDB Freedive Apk. The special app for Android which let’s you stream any Movie or TV show for free. No need for any monthly subscription. All you will see are the ads during Movie or TV show streaming.

The new service has started for US residents. While the large scale and global app presence will be made live later this year.

Download Amazon IMDB FreeDive Apk

Freedive apk for Android:

The free streaming service by IMDB is starting from today. But initially it will be only available for the US citizens. Later it will be made global with the release of IMDB Freedive app for Android and iOS devices. The starting collection of top US based Ad-Supported TV shows include Fringe, Hereos, The Bachelors, and Without a Trace.

The top Movies to be added in the collection include Awakenings, Foxcatcher, Memento, Monster, Run Lola Run, The illusionist, The Last Samurai, True Romance and other big titles.

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FreeDive App supported devices:

Initially the IMDB Freedive app will be released for the Android smartphones, Tablets and smart TV including Android TV Boxes.

The Freedive for Firestick and fireTV to be pre-loaded in upcoming devices. Later the Amazon IMDB’s freedive is going to launch for the iOS devices too.

Stay tuned since we will be bringing the updated and latest Beta version of the app soon.

Freedive apk for Android

Frequently Asked Questions About FreeDive Apk:

What is IMDb Freedive?

IMDb Freedive is a free, ad-supported streaming video channel available in the United States on the IMDb website via laptop or personal computer and on all Amazon Fire TV devices.

How do I access IMDb Freedive?

If you are in the US, you can instantly stream IMDb Freedive titles from your laptop or personal computer’s web browser on the IMDb Freedive page and all Amazon Fire TV devices via the IMDb Freedive channel. Freedive is currently available on devices that support ad-supported channels.

Freedive content is currently only available when streaming from within the United States and U.S. territories. If you are currently located within the United States or a U.S territory and are unable to stream IMDb Freedive content, please contact Prime Video support.

How do I find IMDb Freedive titles on IMDb?

IMDb Freedive titles are listed on the IMDb Freedive page, where you will see a carousel of featured titles that are available to stream. Additionally, on the IMDb desktop website all IMDb Freedive title pages will have an option to “Watch for Free on IMDb Freedive”. We do not currently offer the ability to search for Freedive titles via the IMDb Advanced Title Search.

How will I know if titles I’m interested in become available on IMDb Freedive?

All Freedive title pages on IMDb will have an option to “Watch for Free on IMDb Freedive”. The selection of titles included with Freedive is always changing, and titles you’re interested in might become available in the future. We’re constantly working to improve our catalog to ensure that customers have access to the best selection of movies and TV shows possible.

Do I need to login every time I want to watch an IMDb Freedive title?

No. If you are logged in with your IMDb credentials, you will be able to start playback immediately when you attempt to stream Freedive titles upon subsequent visits.

Why am I seeing ads?

IMDb Freedive is a free collection of titles available to all customers, and are supported by advertising. These advertisements cannot be skipped.

I don’t want to see ads. How can I watch the video without ads?

IMDb Freedive titles are not available to purchase via IMDb Freedive. If the title is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video, you can rent or purchase the title to stream without ads.

Can I purchase/download IMDb Freedive titles?

No, titles cannot be purchased or downloaded to watch offline via IMDb Freedive. If the title is available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime Video, you can rent or purchase the title to download to watch offline on compatible devices.

Freedive apk for Android

I’m having trouble with playback for an IMDb Freedive title.

If you’re experiencing playback issues with IMDb Freedive, please first review the Prime Video System Requirements for Computers.

If you’ve confirmed that your device, web browser, and internet connection meet the minimum requirements and are still experiencing playback issues, please contact Prime Video support for further assistance.

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