TeaTV Apk Installation guide for Android, PC Windows 10, Firestick, Roku & Mac

If you have ever thought of watching movies or TV shows right on your Mobile screen for free. Then this new TeaTV app is what you need the most. I am bringing this Teatvbox.com to let you have all the info regarding this TeaTV apk app. Teatv apk is the Android package of this app which can be downloaded on many platforms.

Teatv app

The current TeaTV 9.9.9r is already here. You can download the latest version from the link given below

TeaTV 9.9.9r Update:

I know there are more than a dozen of apps currently available for Android and iOS devices. But you know something fishy happens and all of a sudden all your downloaded movies and tv Series vanishes in no time. You have seen it with Showbox, right? 

If this teatv app is your main TV/ Movies watching source, then make sure to have a backup app ready. There are many other apps like ShowBox, Terrarium, TVZion, OneBox, CinemaBox etc. So always get a backup app ready. 😉

TeaTV 9.5r Apk Update is on the way. Stay Tuned we will be updating it soon here

TeaTa App Review:

For many of you who don’t know much about TeaTv app, let me introduce you with this tiny teatv.apk review.

What is TeaTV App:

TeaTV app is a multi-platform movie and tv series streaming apps. Originating from the famous TMDb family, this teatv app also integrates with the best movies and tv tracking tool named trackt.tv, which helps in tracking your movies watching behavior and sets a priority list which depicts your interest.

The app itself is more like being developed from the famous Terrarium interface. But it certainly becomes popular due to its unmatched movies and tv series data. You can easily watch the latest movies in Full HD 1080p or even in super fast 720p HD resolution. 

Teatv app review windows 10

How Tea TV Works: 

Just like all other free movies streaming apps, The TeaTV app also streams movies and tv from different sites simultaneously. Resulting in better faster and buffer-free video streaming on your phone. The main sites which work as the streaming backbone are Openload, Streamango, Vidzi, vidlox, Flixanity, GoogleVideo, Scream, Thanqn etc. 

Teatv streaming links

This multi streaming resources helps teatv app receiving a continuous flow of data. Which results in immediate playback of any movie while the entire file isn’t transmitted to the device. 

TeaTv App salient features:

I would recommend TeaTV app as the best backup app for all your Movies and TV shows viewing experiences. The app currently is working super fine. 

  • Clean and easy User Interface.
  • Design similar to Terrarium app.
  • Works on All Platforms.
  • Thousands of Movies and TV Shows content, and is updated regularly.
  • Latest TV shows from top paid streaming sites like Amazon and Netflix.
  • Top Movie Titles added quickly and available on top in the browsing tab.
  • It also includes Anime category for latest Animation films.

Tea TV App Download Links:

Cut the intro short, let me share the latest Teatv app download Link with you.

latest TeaTV Apk download:

Tea TV 9.5r features:

TeaTV updated to the new version 9.5r with the following changelogs:

– Add option to hide Poster, Name and Year.

– Fixed Player not Fullscreen on Phone.

– Add option to choose secondary subtitle language.

– Fix poster on movie detail.

– Fix subtitle download failed on Amazon Firestick.

– Improve subtitle Looks

TeaTV Apk file info:

TeaTV filename TeaTV_9.5r.apk
File size 18.0MB*
Package Details: Zip Package
License  Free Download
Dated: 03 January 2023
FireDL Code: 069024
Firelinked code: 67817953

TeaTV Apk for Android Older versions:

If in some case you are not ok with the teatv latest version. You can also check for the older version of the app from the given links below. 

  TeaTv.apk v8.1r: 

  • Optimize ads.
  • Add Christmas collection.
  • Fix bugs.

TeaTV 8.1r Apk

  TeaTv v8.0r Apk:  

  • Optimize Subtitle.
  • Change some core providers loading.
  • Fix Bugs. 

TeaTV 8.0r Apk

  TeaTv v7.9r Apk:  

  • Hot fix critical bug movies not loading.
  • Fix subtitle not load on some devices . 

TeaTV 7.9r Apk

  TeaTv v7.9r Apk:  

  • Hot fix critical bug on some devices. 

  TeaTv v7.8r Apk:  

  • Change maxium subtitle size to 54.
  • Add feature auto play next episode of tv shows.
  • Add feature screen off after movie end.
  • Fix cast with subtitle.
  • Fix left menu crash on some device. 

  TeaTv v7.7r Apk:  

  • An Additional cast with subtitle, support Chromecast.
  • A new sort A-Z on watchlist and collection.
  • Now with the ability to delete movie in recent.
  • FAQ in setting, if you have any question, you can read it.
  • Some adult movie when you disable safemode in the setting.
  • Update HD Releases tab with latest HD movies.
  • Change maximum subtitle size to 31.
  • Fix login with opensubtitles.org. Fix many bugs.

TeaTV video review:

This video shows the teatv app in action. One of my favorite Youtuber Triple M has something to say about this. Ain’t it amazing.

TeaTV for all devices:

As mentioned above, TeaTV is multi-device supported app. So it can be installed on many devices altogether. The developers made sure to make an app for every platform. So we are here with the list of devices which tea tv can help in streaming your favorite movies, tv shows or reality TV shows all the way to your screens.

1- TeaTv for PC Windows 10/8/7/XP:

In other words, you can call it TeaTV for Laptop or Desktop computers. There are a couple of ways to download teatv on Windows platform running devices. Either you get Teatv via bluestacks. Or the official teatv app for Windows which is presented as *.exe file. This TeaTV downloader for pc is a specific windows integrated app for laptop and desktop pc which comes with a specific TeaTV player for Windows.

Tea tv for windows 10 pc

We have a separate full detailed guide about downloading and installing teatv app for Windows PC. You can read more details by clicking the given link below.

TeaTV for PC Download and installation Complete Guide

2- TeaTV for Firestick:

The best thing about TeaTv app is that it can be downloaded and installed on almost every platform. Similarly here the tea tv on Firestick is quite a doable thing. But since Firestick or FireTV doesn’t support Mouse Toggle. So you have to download the Mouse toggle app first. Since the TeaTV for FireTV might need some commands to be done via mouse pointer only. 

We are here with the complete downloading and installation guide of TeaTV app for Firestick or Amazon Fire TV. You can read it here

3- TeaTv for Nvidia Sheild TV: 

Similarly, Teatv on Nvidia shield is quite possible to download and install. All you have to do is open the browser in Nvidia Sheild. Now open the Teatv Official website, i.e Teatv.net. Download the latest Android version of the app or simply download the latest version given here. 

Teatv for Nvidia Sheild

Make sure the unknown source app installation is allowed on your computer. Once you made it enabled. You will get TeaTV app instantly installed on your Nvidia Sheild TV. 

4- TeaTV for iPhone /iOS:

The two main platforms for smartphones are the Android and iOS. There have been reported over a billion iOS device users. So why not there should be a TeaTV on iPhone devices. Similarly this iOS version of TeaTV can be downloaded and installed on other devices. Like TeaTv for iPad, TeaTV for iPod Touch etc. 

You can grab a working version of the app and stream free movies and tv series on your iPhone devices. We have manged to bring the TeaTV on iPhone installation Guide here.

5- TeaTV for Mac computers:

Just like Windows PC version. The teatv on Mac runs so smooth. It has an even better UI, with even stable features. 

You can easily download the Teatv app on Mac computers. It also supports older version of Mac OSX 10 to the latest MacOS 10.14 Mojave. 

We have a separate TeaTV macOS x Installation guide for you

6- TeaTV for Roku:

TeaTv for Roku isn’t yet functional. Infact you have to go with casting the TeaTV app by integrating it with the Roku TV unit. Just like some folks do it by casting ShowBox content on Roku tv. The default player in TeaTV app won’t work in casting.

So you have to download a Separate player named TPlayer. Once you get the TPlayer installed on your device. Make sure to change the Media player to second option once you tap on any link of a streaming movie or tv show. 

teatv for Roku TV install

Second method: You can simply cast it on your TV if you have a Chrome-cast plugged into your tv. Just open the TeaTV app on an Android device. 

At the top right corner you will see the Cast logo, Tap on it and it will automatically connect with your TV ChromeCast. Now open any movie on your smartphone and it will eventually start casting on your TV screen.

7- TeaTV for Android Smart TV:

This amazing Movies and Tv streaming app can now be easily downloaded on Android smart tv. So if you have an Android power Sony, TCL, HiSense or any other manufacturer tv. You can easily download the Teatv app on Android smart tv. 

teatv for Android smart tv

We have made a separate detailed guide about installing Teatv on Smart tv powered by Android. I have personally downloaded it on my TCL tv and it works like a charm. 

TeaTV for Android Smart TV Installation Guide.

How to download TeaTV on Android Step by Step Guide:

Teatv app works great on Android smartphones or tablets. So it’s highly recommended to install the app on these devices. This is a step by step guide to let you know how to download and install Teatv apk on android. 

1- First of all download the apk file from the above given links. The current latest version is teatv 8.2 r apk

2- Since it’s a Google Drive Link, So it will show Package Installer as seen in the image.

TeaTV apk package installer

3- Tap on Package installer and allow it with your Gmail account.

4- Once downloaded make sure to enable the unknown source installation on your Android devices. 

5- Go to Settings > Security or Privacy > Unknown Sources > Enable

6- For Android 9.0 Pie devices, Go to Settings > Apps > Chrome > Enable unknown Source installation in the given menu. 

teatv unknown source file installation

7- Now that you have enabled all required options. Tap on the downloaded file.

8- It will open and prompts you to install. 

teatv unknown source file installation9- Tap on Install

TeaTV app Installation on Android

10- After 10-20 seconds the Teatv apk will install on your device. Now tap on OPEN option.

TeaTV app Installation on AndroidThat’s it. You have successfully Installed TeaTV app on Android smartphone. The same procedure can be applied for Android Tablets too. 

TeaTV app Installation on Android

TeaTV Screenshots:

Here are some of the Teatv screenshots on Android smartphones. 

Download Movies on TeaTV app:

TeaTV allows user to download movies, TV shows or TV Reality shows on Android devices. Similarly you can download movies via TeaTV app on Windows devices too. 

Teatv movies download folder (Default) in android is located at  /Storage/emulated/0/Download. 

While default TeaTV default download folder in Windows is:  C:\Users\*Name*\AppData\Roaming\TeaTV\downloads 

TeaTV Official site Main Features:

Tea Movie Guide (powered by TMDb) for Android is the fastest, easiest way to find and discover movies, actors and shows on your device.

App features:

Movie Ratings from all the major sites.

– TV Show Ratings from all the major sites.

– Connect to TMDb and manage your favorite movies and tv shows, add to your watchlist, and rate movies and tv shows.

Quickly search movies using the following categories: Now Playing, Upcoming, Popular, Top-Rated, …

– Find detailed information about any movie.

– Quickly search shows using the following categories: On TV, Airing Today, Popular, and Top Rated.

– Discover movies by year(s) or by genre with customized sorting.

Best TeaTV Alternative Apps 2020:

Since you have downloaded and installed TeaTV app on your smartphones/ PC or TV. Now its time to have a look at best TeaTV alternative apps for 2020. I bet you will love each one of these.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s:

Is Tea TV apk safe to download?

This have been the most asked question about any app streaming movies, tv series or Reality TV shows for free. If you are not an alien you might know that these apps don’t have any legal ground to stand. But they are there. Now the question about are these apps safe or not. Well till now there isn’t a single case reported of data theft/ virus infection or spam / malware attack on any device which has TeaTv.apk installed on it. 

So in my personal experience tea tv app is super safe to use. That’s why millions and millions of people are already using it on all type of devices. 

Is there any TeaTV Online website?

If you mean to stream TeaTV online in a browser, then the answer is no. Since there is no official movies streaming site of the teatv app.

Can we download TeaTV on PS4?

No. There is no official version of TeaTV app for PS4 PlayStation.

Can we download TeaTV for XBOX?

No you can’t. There is no official version of Tea TV app for XBOX. So better go for the Android box or Android smart tv. 

Is it possible to download Tea TV without Ads?

Yes in some cases. Somehow the tea tv app come without much of ads. So you don’t have to worry about annoying ads popping out in the middle of movies or Tv shows. So teatv with no ads is actually a reality now.

How to fix TeaTV not Working?

The best way of fixing the TeaTV app not working issue is to update the app to the latest version. You can also read more about the issues fixing here. [Updating soon]

Is there any official version of TeaTv for Chromebook?

There is still no official version of Tea tv chrome book app. But you can easily download the android version of the app. It runs absolutely fine. 

Any Teatv mod Apk file available?

Well to be honest the teatv app itself is the best modded terrarium app. So no need to be having a teatv mod apk for your devices. 

Is it safe to use TeaTV app without VPN?

The answer could be Yes in some third world countries. But if you are from United States, Canada or European Union country then use of VPN is must. To not let authorities sniff your online streaming usage.

TeaTV is a third party app. We don’t own it.  It’s whole structure is based on third party links. So teatvbox.com doesn’t own nothing not  providing any source to the official TeaTV app. We have shared all the information here just for educational purpose. For more read this. Disclaimer 

My Final Conclusion: 

TeaTV is a solid app made for entertainment. In the world of so many movies and tv streaming apps. You can easily make this TeaTV app as your default entertainment app. But still no one can assure of how long it will work. So I always advise having a backup app ready. So that your free movies streaming doesn’t hurt. 

Stay Tuned as I am also bringing More such apps for you. Like and share this post. 

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